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A MAZE. Indie Connect Festival 2013 – The Nominees

April 22nd, 2013 by L'auteur · Keine Kommentare

The Most Amazing Indie Game

Between the 24th and 26th april, there will be the second A MAZE. Indie Connect Festival at the Urban Spree in Berlin. On three days, game developers, designers and digital artists from all over the world will come together, to compare notes about new technologies and developments, and to enrich the commercialized game industry with their creative works. Unfortunately, I will miss this years program, but I am very curious about whom might win the title of “Most Amazing Indie Game” on friday. This years nominees are:

Evelyn Hribersek (DE) – O.R.pheus
An augmented reality thriller taking place in an underground hospital of Munich.

Henry Smith (CA) – Spaceteam
An interactive multiplayer game for iPads et. al., which simulates the struggle on the command bridge.

Frambosa (NL) – Sneaksneak
A two player jump ‘n’ run, whose world has to be tactically crawled in team play.

Rice ‘n’ Potato (DE) – The Gaudy Woods
You will travel with full physical involvement trough a strange, colorful fantasy landscape.

SFB Games (UK) – Haunt the House: Terrortown
In this side-scrolling action puzzle game, you play a ghost, which has to spook humans out of their houses by taking possession of things.

The Chinese Room (UK) – Dear Esther
A graphical sophisticated, walk-on-able novel about love, lost, guilt and redemption.

Monrad & Nielsen (DK) – ERVAX for 2
A very colorful interactive piece of art in which you can compose in a playful way.

Abbey Games (NL) – Reus
A terraforming strategy game about the balance of man and nature.

12 Angry Devs (AT) – Of Light & Shadow
An atmospheric and tactical jump ‘n’ run game.

Ty Taylor/ Mario Castaneda (US) – The Bridge
A surrealistic puzzle game, which puts logic out of force.

Fernando Ramallo & David Kanaga (MX) – Panoramical
A real time generated and interactive musical landscape, which can be controlled by a DJ controller.


I guess my favorites are The Bridge, O.R.pheus and The Gaudy Woods, although the last reminds of the winner of 2012 – the wunderful game Proteus by Ed Key and David Kanaga. I wish all participants and the organizers a wonderful festival!

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